Encountering Holistic Science @ Hub Summerschool

The Hub Summerschool is promising to be rich and inviting this year, Sophia of ‘animate arts’ is running an pair interactive lectures titled ‘Encountering Holistic Science’ as part of this program. These sessions will blend lecture style teachings about holistic science with InterPlay techniques to model and play with the concepts introduced. Details follow….. or check out the Hub Summerschool website for the full program of events

This interactive pair of workshops form part of the Hub’s Summerschool Program. Each event will explore different aspects of the rich realm of the holistic sciences.

The dominant way of thinking in western culture has been highly influenced by the traditional scientific method. We are taught to simply reason things out, and often reasoned knowledge is the only kind that we will trust. This is extremely useful in many respects but is not always helpful for understanding our place in the living earth. Living systems are simply not rational! They are deliciously unpredictable and creative and ever changing.

These workshops are designed to give you different ways of seeing the world, moving beyond the mechanistic mindset of traditional science. Whilst each session will contain some ‘lectures’, we will also be modeling different ways of being in the world using the techniques of InterPlay to help us stay present to this ever-changing vibrant universe in which we are embedded. So, be prepared for spontaneous play using movement, story, voice…. and whatever else inspires us.

Note that these are not traditional InterPlay workshops, but blend lectures with InterPlay techniques.

Workshop 1:

Saturday 8 August 2pm – 5pm
The Hub, Westerstraat 187, Amsterdam

The theme for this workshop will be the ‘complexity sciences’ to help us understand our world as a complex living system. Including overviews of complexity theory, self organizing systems and chaos theory.

Workshop 2:

Saturday 15 August 2pm – 5pm
The Hub, Heemraadssingel 219, Rotterdam

The theme for this workshop will be ‘rediscovering the art of direct perception’ (or simply being present). We will explore how to engage more fully with our direct perceptions of the world to supplement the abstracted knowledge we receive through ‘being told’ about the world. Including overviews of Goethean phenomenology and Theory U.

Each workshop can be enjoyed on its own, but of course you are welcome at both.


€40 per workshop (€33.61 excuding BTW)
€30 per workshop for hub members and unwaged people (€25.21 excluding BTW)


Places in this course are limited to 12 people due to the nature of the exercises involved. To register contact Sophia van Ruth, or +31(0)6 444 66 197

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