Animate Arts Privacy Policy

Animate Arts Privacy Policy

December 2018

Animate Arts is a business of Sophia van Ruth, who is a sole trader based in the Netherlands (zzp’er in Dutch).

Sophia collects personal details of people who subscribe to her mailing list. She collects names and email addresses only and uses this information to send out marketing and updates relating to her work under the name of Animate Arts. She makes use of MailChimp and her mail list is stored in their systems ( She does not sell or share information from her mail list with any other third parties. Sophia is the only person who has access to the information in her mail list.

You have the right to see, correct, remove or get a copy of information in Sophia’s mailing list about you. You can request to see/change/remove/get a copy of your details by mailing her at You can also unsubscribe from her mailing list by following the link in any email you receive from the list. Sophia intends to keep your details in her mail list as long as she is using it (unless you request otherwise). If she decides not to use the mail list anymore she will delete the entire list (including your details).

Are you a massage or shiatsu client of Sophia’s?
In this case, Sophia keeps records of details relevant to your treatment (such as details about contraindications, what she is treating you for and what treatment/advice she has given). These records are kept in order to carry out your treatments safely and effectively and in order to record what Sophia has done for referral if there is a complaint/dispute against her. In accordance with legal requirements, Sophia keeps these records for at least 15 years. It may be the case that she keeps these records longer. These records are kept on paper under lock and key. Sophia is the only person with a key. This information is confidential, Sophia will not share information about you and your treatments with anyone else unless she is legally required to do so. You have a right to see, correct, remove or get a copy of some of the information Sophia keeps about you. You can request to see/change/remove/get a copy of your records by mailing her at In some cases she may be unable to meet your request, the reasons for this will be explained to you at the time.

The Animate Arts website ( and Sophia’s blog ( are both hosted by WordPress ( and may make use of cookies in accordance with the cookie policy of WordPress. When you navigate to these sites you will receive a popup warning about cookies within which there is a link for more information. If you are reading this on her website then you should have already seen it. On both Sophia’s website and her blog you may find links and references to other websites. Sophia cannot vouch for how other websites handle your privacy, if you are concerned you need to check this with them directly.

If you are unhappy with how Sophia has handled your personal information she would prefer that you first talk to her about it to see if the issue can be resolved. But of course you always have the right to lodge a complaint about her handling of your information with the “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens” in the Netherlands where her business is based