Reclaiming the Playful – engaging play as a professional tool



When was the last time you approached a serious issue playfully?

‘Huh?’ you may think…

Play allows us to open up to new experiences, to tap into our curiosity and find intuitive and embodied answers to our challenges. Play can be both serious and fun-loving, but always with a sense of lightness.

As a fundamental learning tool for our complex world, play offers many things. It:

  • liberates creative possibilities
  • awakens a side of yourself you may have forgotten
  • opens a door to your intuition
  • energises and relieves tension
  • encourages joy and ease
  • allows failing with flair & rebounding with style

Join us 23 November and let your dreams, desires, ideas or challenges dissolve into a collective play session. You might be surprised what new insights it yields, and at the very least you will share a delicious playful afternoon with others.

You are welcome to bring an issue that you would like a new perspective on to the workshop, but you can also just play with everyday stories from your life and use the session to reclaim your playful self. You will go home with some simple practices to bring more play into your life and work.

Your facilitators:

Marjon van Opijnen
Marjon believes that our body is an important gateway to personal and societal transformation and growth. She supports individuals and organises trainings to enhance and explore this embodied intelligence, and to find more alignment in head, heart and body. Marjon combines western and eastern embodiment methods, like meditational practices, visualisation, constellation work, breath work, inner child work, inquiry, dance, intuitive movement, leadership embodiment, social presencing theatre, integral theory Wilber etc.
You can find out more about her at

Sophia van Ruth
Sophia runs her own business offering trainings and workshops designed to help people live and work with ease in a complex world. She combines her knowledge of complex systems with holistic and embodied practices she has learned in her training as a shiatsu therapist and her training in the playful practice of InterPlay amongst other things. You can find out more about her at

Date and time:

Friday 23 November 2018, 13:00 – 17:00, arrivals from 12:45


Life Force Fitness Institute
Zielhorsterweg 73
3813 ZX Amersfoort


€60 (incl BTW)
Please contact us if you have financial challenges, a discounted price may be possible.


This workshop may be in English or Dutch depending on the participants present.


This event is limited to 16 participants, please register with Sophia van Ruth at