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InterPlay® is a playful practice that integrates improvised movement, voice, story and stillness in an affirming culture designed to make people safe in spontaneously expressing their creativity. InterPlay is highly accessible to people with no background in the arts or with improvisation. It can be fun, build community, give people different ways of seeing things, and help people access their personal wisdom. Above all, it can be a sheer relief to simply play! Workshops under the banner of ‘animate arts’ often use InterPlay techniques to explore specific themes or ideas.

Sessions are always structured to build activities in small steps, and all aspects of a session are optional (or indeed transformable by participants if they can see a better way to suit themselves). Hence people can participate completely on their own terms and can always play at their own pace.

Sophia van Ruth is an accredited facilitator of InterPlay, having completed her training with InterPlay Australia in 2007. You can find the InterPlay Australia website here. For a taste tester, you can follow an online led exercise by Sophia here.

InterPlay was developed by Phil Porter and Cynthia Winton-Henry in the United States and has been refined over 25 years. You can visit the USA website here.