InterPlay and education

Sophia van Ruth completed the masters program in Holistic Science at Schumacher College in 2008, where her thesis explored the potential role of the improvisational arts in education. Her dissertation was titled “Learning from Spontaneity”, and you can download the abstract for this paper here.

Since graduating form this program Sophia has been developing teaching materials and learning experiences geared at preparing people for a complex world.

The non-linear nature of complex systems (which include all living systems) make them impossible to fully understand using linear logic alone. The learning experiences Sophia offers are geared towards teaching some of the basics of of complex systems science along with a toolbox of techniques and approaches that can supplement our conventional ways of ‘thinking and doing’ when approaching a complex problem. Sessions blend lecture style delivery with embodied exercises. A personalised learning program could range form a one day session to a series spread over 12 weeks.

Please feel welcome to get in touch if you would like to introduce this type of learning into your educational program. Sessions can be tailored to your situation, and there is an overview of the topics/practices Sophia teaches here.