A Full Day of InterPlay

IMG_1226Unlock the wisdom of the body

InterPlay® is a playful practice that invites you into movement, voice, story, stillness and connection with others. This full day workshop will give you a chance to play with each of these modes of expression in an affirming atmosphere, where is it impossible to get it wrong.

InterPlay is highly accessible to people with no background in the arts or with improvisation. It can be fun, build community, give people different ways of seeing things and help people access their personal wisdom. Above all, it can be a sheer relief to simply play! Sessions always build activities in small steps, and all aspects of a session are optional (or indeed transformable by participants if they can see a better way to suit themselves). Hence people can participate completely on their own terms and can always play at their own pace.

What people say about InterPlay:

“I feel rejuenated, from being in my body with InterPlay, peaceful and energized.”

“InterPlay gave me courage to do things that I didn’t think I could do, but that I always wanted to do.”

Date: Saturday 6 October 2018, 10:30 – 17:30
Location: Theaterhuis de Berenkuil, Biltstraat 166, Utrecht
Facilitators: Meg MacLeod & Sophia van Ruth.
Language: Primarily English, some Dutch, translation is possible
Price: €60* (inc. coffee and tea, exc. lunch)
Registrations: please register by email to info@jannahwijffels.nl

*People on low incomes can request a discount by emailing Jannah Wijffels (info@jannahwijffels.nl). If you find that it is worth more, you can also offer more than €60 and help pay for someone who has less financial means.

*Bringing someone along? Then you pay €100 for both of you.