InterPlay Life Practice Program

It looks like we may have enough people to begin the transformative Life Practice Program (LPP) in Europe soon. Everyone is welcome, there are no pre-requisites.  We’d love to have you join us!
The LPP involves 5 weekend gatherings plus a number of other activities as detailed below. All sessions will be taught in English, but many of the exercises don’t need any language or can be done in your native tongue. Plus people who can translate as needed will be there.
The Life Practice Program is also a requirement of becoming a certified InterPlay facilitator. To become a facilitator you need to follow on with the InterPlay leader training.

Elements of the Life Practice Program

  • “The Secrets of InterPlay,” a multiple-day retreat presented in several locations each year where you will be immersed in the InterPlay philosophy and practice. 
  • A series of 4 weekend gatherings with your Life Practice Program group for play, presentation, discernment, and interaction, where you will have a chance to explore new options in a supportive community.
  • Three focus sessions during which you receive personal support from the program leaders to get more of what you want.
  • Reading and writing assignments which will help you apply InterPlay insights to your own life.
  • A Self-Study of several of the elements of the InterPlay system that will give you a more in-depth understanding of how InterPlay works.

Please click on the link below that suits your situation to register interest for this program:

We’ll include you in the process of looking for convenient dates and locations
We’ll arrange a time to talk with you via skype or phone

For more information about LPP, including tuition costs:

Life Practice Program Graduates say…..

“InterPlay brings out the river in me.”  
 Jen Lauzon, Lazoom Tours, Asheville

 “It’s given me a way for me to do everything I’ve wanted to do. Everytime after InterPlay, I feel more and more confident.” 
Linda Simthong, university student while in program

“InterPlay is the perfect place for me to express what’s been inside me all my life. I don’t have to hide anymore.” 
Duke Ramuten, builder

“I was all grouchy with a client of mine, and remembered the InterPlay tool to have Easy Focus. Today, in that same situation, I was really appreciative.” 
Annie Jacobs-Menzer,  Owner, the Natural Gardeners