One Day with Trish Watts

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Saturday 20 October
10.00am – 17.00pm
Balkstraat 31, 3513XL, Utrecht
€50 before October 1 and €60 after (low income discounts or barter available on request)

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Come, give voice to the fabric of your life and enjoy the playful connections that InterPlay offers



Everyone is welcome at this one day only workshop, no experience is necessary. If you are new to InterPlay, you might like to click here to discover more about InterPlay in general, and then read on for more about this unique event.

We are delighted to be able to bring Trish to the Netherlands. Her passion and power lies in voice work, therefore this particular InterPlay workshop will focus on vocal play more than other forms to take full advantage of Trish’s talent. Of course, an InterPlay workshop always includes movement, story and voice. So, if in your heart you are a more of a dancer or a storyteller there will still be opportunities to play to your strengths!

Trish Watts of Australia is a founding partner for InterPlay Australia and is a registered Voice Movement Therapy Practitioner. She is Musical Director of the women’s Sydney Threshold Choir and has many collections of original music to her name.  Her workshops and retreats in voice, creativity, spirituality and body wisdom have taken her to India, Indonesia, South Africa, Europe, United States and now…. the Netherlands.

Trish creates a safe, affirming, playful space where people feel free, as she says, “….to dare to speak from an instinctual and intuitive place which doesn’t always make sense and to give voice to their creative brilliance.

Info and videos of Trish and InterPlay Australia:

From a participant in Trish’s InterPlay classes:

“InterPlay is about making connections. I gain a better understanding of myself and my untapped potential, I build stronger relationships with my peers/team and I manage to tap into my creative energy, to take risks and to seek bolder opportunities.”

– Michael Stanley
management consultant