What might an InterPlay session involve?

navigating complexity pilot image 2InterPlay works with improvised movement, voice, story and stillness in an affirming culture designed to make people safe in spontaneously expressing their creativity.

InterPlay can be used in a very diverse range of contexts, and can take slightly different forms. However, on a literal level, a session might consist of…

  • InterPlay handsA warm up and ‘check in’ together
  • Leading and following each other in movement, walking, stopping, running, flocking, mimicking
  • Dance or movement to embody stories or concepts, alone, in pairs, in groups, with witnesses or without
  • Stream of consciousness type babbles with prompting key words or ideas
  • Telling stories – in rounds, in character voices, in made up languages, in pairs, in groups
  • Letting unstructured movement or dance inform our stories
  • Creating shapes with our bodies – alone, in groups, kinetic body sculpture
  • Using voice or tones as a form of expression, in group harmonies, alongside movement or story
  • And many other forms of spontaneous play – the possibilities are literally limitless!

Such activities are structured into ‘classes’ or sessions, where the exact form they take arises out of a clearly articulated philosophical framework of principles and practices specific to InterPlay. Sessions are always structured to build activities in small steps, and all aspects of a session are optional (or indeed transformable by participants if they can see a better way to suit themselves). Hence people can participate completely on their own terms and can always play at their own pace.

You can see some videos of people doing InterPlay here.




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