embodied enquiry sessions

small group sessions imageembodied enquiry sessions
small group sessions around a theme or issue

½ or 1 day


Do you have a problem or issue where you feel you are ‘thinking around in circles’ and not getting anywhere? Perhaps it is time for a fresh approach. Imagine making time for a creative exploration where you tap into your embodied wisdom around your issue with a small group of colleagues or acquaintances. Getting in touch with your felt sense of the issue and generating new perspectives that feel authentic. This session will be individually tailored on the fly to your needs as a group, drawing on Sophia’s complete toolkit of knowledge and practices. Your group may have one theme that you are all working on collectively, or you can take a full day and bring in up to 4 individual themes, benefiting from each other’s perspectives as we work through them one at a time.

for whom?

  • do want a fresh perspective on a complex problem or issue?
  • are there a few other people who would be willing to explore this with you?
  • would you like an embodied approach to supplement your thinking?
  • do simple exercises with the potential to take you deep quickly sound appealing?
  • are you open to using improvised movement, story and voice work (no experience required)?

session content and methods

working methods:

This session is co-created on the fly with participants, upon hearing the issue(s) that the group wants to work with, Sophia will suggest methodologies and guide you through an individually tailored process.

We will begin with a warming up phase to bring you into a mode where you are able to be authentic in your expression, engaging your deeper ways of knowing. Our intellects are well trained in western culture and it can take some time to get them to release their domination of our sense making processes. The warm up phase can vary in length depending on group needs and can involve playful, meditative and embodied practices.

Following this we move into an iterative process of action and reflection where a few practices will be suggested to the group and once one is selected and completed we will spend some time noticing what came out of it together before a new practice is suggested to follow on with. These practices will mostly be those of InterPlay which uses movement, voice, storytelling and stillness in playful ways to engage your non-literal ways of knowing and your felt sense of what is going on. Sophia may also suggest some meditative or contemplative practices as appropriate.

The final phase will be one of reflection and harvesting where we make sense of what has arisen and document useful insights together. Sophia has many years experience working with participatory community practices and will use some methodologies from this area to help you consolidate what you have learned and document it. Methodologies may include creating an ‘affinity diagram’ or practices from the ‘art of hosting’.

programme may include:

  • warm up phase to get us in the swing of tapping our embodied wisdom
  • exercises from InterPlay using movement, voice, story and stillness
  • meditative or contemplative exercises from Sophia’s training in the oriental healing arts
  • consolidating and harvesting what has arisen in the session

all prices are exclusive GST (BTW)

Half day session (shared theme): €400 / $700 (AUD)

This price includes:

  • 4 hour intimate, focussed session for up to 4 participants (€80pp for extra participants)
  • the group works on one theme/issue together
  • the theme can come from one or two people only with other volunteers who work through the process with them or it can be a theme that the group all wants to work on together.

Full day session (individual themes): €700 / $1200 (AUD)

This price includes:

  • 7 hour intimate focussed session for up to 4 participants 
  • each person gets time devoted to his/her individual themes/issues

*These prices do not include:

  • venue hire (can also be done on location at your workplace – space preferred is 5sqm pp, minimum 3.5sqm pp.)
  • catering
  • travel costs for the facilitator

If you are a smaller organisation or a not-for-profit or individual and this price is beyond your reach, please contact Sophia to discuss possibilities in your case.