Embodied Inquiry Sessions

NOTE: These sessions are in a prototype phase for the coming months, meaning that a limited number of sessions will be available for free to people who agree to a feedback session in person or by telephone a few days later.

Do you have an issue or situation where you are not sure of the best way forward? 

embodied-inquiry-imageSophia can guide you in an intuitive inquiry process to explore the dynamics of your issue or situation from a fresh perspective. She draws on both the practices of InterPlay and her background as a shiatsu therapist to craft a session that is specifically tailored to you.

In these sessions you will be encouraged to let go of the idea of trying to ‘solve a problem’ and will be invited to enter into a playful exploration of the issue at hand, allowing the intelligence of your body to take the lead. We will periodically reflect on what is coming up and what it might mean for your situation.

What can I expect?

A session generally begins with an InterPlay warm up together. If you have never done any InterPlay before you will be guided through step by step. You will then tell the story of the issue that you want to play with and Sophia will suggest some InterPlay forms (exercises) we could use to explore that issue together in embodied and playful ways.

Often we will be working with non-verbal practices; maybe we do a duet dance together on behalf of the idea, maybe we simply create static shapes with our bodies that ‘say something’ about the issue. We may also use story or voice, creating stories about the situation in character voices & in made up languages, creating songs or a soundscape or telling about a situation from the perspective of a body part… You will be led into every exercise in small steps, and some forms can be done by Sophia with you as a witness if you choose not to participate (such as she does a dance on behalf of your issue for you).

You can chose to add shiatsu hara diagnosis to this session to determine which meridians you are using when dealing with this issue. The meridians used in shiatsu are the same as those that acupuncturists use and their state can be discerned by palpation of the abdomen (the hara). This involves you lying on a mat having your belly palpated (you do not need to undress). Once we have been playing with your issue for a while using InterPlay we will do a hara diagnosis immediately whilst the meridian system is still refelecting the issue. Once we establish which how you are using the different meridians, Sophia can also teach you some exercises from ki yoga to support you and some simple diet advice for the meridians that need it (just a few foods you can include/leave out of your diet when working with this issue).

We will close the session by reflecting on what has come up and what that might mean for you. Sophia takes the approach of simply asking clarifying questions here or sharing her own experiences when playing with your issue rather than giving advice, as you are the one who really knows what your InterPlay experience can mean for your situation.

This session can also be done in small groups or couples. Think of a team working on a problem together, a couple wanting to see an issue from a new perspective or a group pioneering something new.

Please understand that these sessions are not therapy sessions, they are inquiry sessions using embodied practices to explore ideas or issues in a different way.

what does a session cost?


InterPlay session of 1 – 1.5 hours: €70
Hara diagnosis and advice: extra €20 (and extra 20-30 minutes)

The sessions will last as long as needed between the timeframes indicated. You will determine together with Sophia when to close the session.

Adding an extra person to the session costs €20 per person for InterPlay and €15 per person for the hara diagnosis and advice. Hara diagnosis can only be done for a maximum of two people in one session, otherwise too much time will have passed and the hara may not be reflecting the issue anymore.

All prices are inclusive of tax (BTW). If you feel you cannot afford these sessions, but would still like to receive one please contact Sophia, there may be options available for barter or discount.

how do I book a session?

You can contact Sophia to book a session by following this link.

where do I come?

These sessions are available at the Hub Rotterdam, 1ste Middellandstraat 103, 3021 BD Rotterdam (map).