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full day event


Do you have a problem or issue where you feel you are ‘thinking around in circles’ and not getting anywhere? Perhaps it is time for a fresh approach. Imagine a day of creative exploration where you tap into the embodied wisdom of your group or team. Getting in touch with your collective felt sense of the issue and generating new perspectives that feel authentic. Picture yourselves arriving at the core of the issue together as you let your intellect take a rest and move from solution thinking to solution sensing. Having said this, in the initial phases of the day you will be encouraged to let go of the idea that you should solve something. Genuine insights can take some time to crystallise and may even seem irrelevant at first appearance, the push to move to solutions too fast can actually block innovative solutions arising. A playful approach will help your team explore possibilities that feel right without you having to know why at first. Towards the end of the day we will move into a phase of sense making and documenting what we have learned.

for whom?

Is your group looking for:

  • a fresh perspective on a complex problem or issue?
  • a method to tap the embodied wisdom of the group?
  • an intuitive approach to supplement your thinking?
  • a way to access the knowledge lurking in your subconscious?

workshop content and methods

working methods:

We will be working primarily with the techniques of InterPlay, a creative, embodied methodology for accessing your body wisdom. InterPlay uses movement, voice, story, stillness and connection with others to tap into what might otherwise remain unconscious knowledge. It gives us access to a rich database of information acquired through our lived experience and to our felt sense of a situation or problem. There will be individual, partner and group exercises, giving you a chance to both explore your personal wisdom and collaboratively build a picture of your issue or problem. In the last phase of the day we will move into reflective and documentary mode. Sophia will draw on her 10 years experience engaging communities in design and decision making processes to assist you in collaboratively compiling and documenting your insights. She uses methods such as the ‘affinity diagram’ and those of the ‘art of hosting’ community.

one day programme includes:

  • a playful approach to bypass our inner critics and goal focussed editors
  • storytelling practices (in pairs and groups)
  • movement based exercises to access bodily wisdom (individually and in pairs/groups)
  • engaging stillness as a tool to facilitate deeper connection with your issue
  • marrying our intellectual and embodied wisdom: generating actionable ideas and harvesting our insights

all prices are exclusive GST (BTW)

One day event: €1900 / $3200 (AUD)

This price includes:

  • think tank for up to 16 participants (€100/$170pp for extra participants, a longer day may also be required to allow for sharing of more information)
  • digital photos of the raw harvest of the day delivered after the event (if requested, you may also choose to take the raw harvest with you)

Optional extra: €350 / $600 (AUD)

  • thematic analysis of harvested information (picking out recurring ideas or information and compiling a short report)

This price does not include:

  • venue hire (can also be done on location at your workplace – space preferred is 5sqm pp, minimum 3.5sqm pp.)
  • catering
  • travel costs for the facilitator

If you are a smaller organisation or a not-for-profit and this price is beyond your reach, please contact Sophia to discuss possibilities in your case.