workshop: complexity literacy

complexity workshop imagecomplexity literacy
learning to see from an emergent perspective

two day workshop


Complexity literacy is a basic competency for the 21s century, yet many people have had no education in how complex dynamics work. Most of the serious problems of our times are complex in nature, they involve multiple interacting entities which all influence each other in real time. These systems are inherently unpredictable and can change rapidly. Taking responsible action in such circumstances requires us to stay present to what is happening and be capable of fluid responses to change. This training will give participants a basic understanding of how complex dynamics work and the time to explore what this information could mean for them both personally and professionally.

for whom?
Are you aware of complexity theories but unsure how they apply to your group or organisation?

Do you want to improve your group’s ability to:

    • understand the collective dynamics within the group
    • understand wicked problems
    • recognise complex patterns in their own individual behaviour
    • embrace uncertainty

workshop content and methods

working methods:
Whilst this training will be a dynamic blend of theory and interactive engagement, the Complexity Literacy training is heavier on the theory than most other trainings by Animate Arts. You will be led through a combination of lectures and interactive games/exercises where you will experience complex phenomena first hand and explore your own behavioural patterns within them. We will also touch on methods to access intuitive knowledge in complex situations and give you a taste test of these meditative and creative practices.

two day programme includes:

    • theoretical learnings about: self-organisation, emergent behaviour, attractors, phase transitions and chaos
    • interactive exercises to model complex dynamics and experiment with different behaviour in such situations
    • improvisational exercises to practice dealing with the uncertainty of complexity
    • meditative and embodied exercises to engage different modes of attention in complex situations
    • reflection and integration: what does this knowledge mean in my own context?

all prices are exclusive GST (BTW)

Two day workshop: €3600 / $6000 (AUD)

This price includes:

  • workshop for up to 16 participants (€180/$300pp for extra participants, longer days may also be required to give the same quality of attention per person)
  • a handout
  • 25% discount on an embodied enquiry session within 6 months

This price does not include:

  • venue hire (can also be done on location at your workplace – space preferred is 5sqm pp, minimum 3.5sqm pp.)
  • catering
  • travel costs for the facilitator

If you are a smaller organisation or a not-for-profit and this price is beyond your reach, please contact Sophia to discuss possibilities in your case.

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