workshop: the art of perception

art of perception blurredthe art of perception
exploring your group’s intuitive capacities

full day workshop


How do you make sense of the world? Do you draw on all the sources of knowledge available to you? You may never have given much thought to developing your intuition, but it can be an invaluable tool in a complex world. There are essentially two different types of intuition. The first one relates to unconscious pattern matching, it happens almost automatically and is very fast. The second is a deeper, slower, felt sense of your situation – better described as empathic sensing. This workshop is more focussed on cultivating the second type of intuition. Participants will be taking on a journey of exploration into their own intuitive capacities, leaving them with some simple techniques that they can integrate into their everyday work and life.

for whom?

Would you like to improve your group’s ability to:

  • be able to integrate subconscious knowledge into decision making?
  • work with complex relationships and situations?
  • work with their ‘felt sense’ of a situation or problem?

workshop content and methods

working methods:

This workshop will be highly interactive, whilst there will be a theoretical component, the bulk of the time will be devoted to practice. We will be especially exploring the movement based exercises of InterPlay, using the body as a vehicle to access intuitive knowledge. Participants will further receive training in the basics of Goethean Observation – a method for bringing you in authentic connection with what is really happening around you. You can bring in a theme or problem from your workplace to explore or play with more generic themes. Exploring a generic theme can act as a training ground for learning to work with intuitive practices and tools in general.

one day programme includes:

  • Body-based methods to access intuitive knowledge (InterPlay)
  • How to ‘notice’ well and take an ‘easy focus’ (2 of the ‘bodywisdom tools’ of InterPlay)
  • Awareness based methods to bring you deeper in connection with the world around you (Goethean Observation)
  • Overview of intuition research and explanation of the different types of intuition
  • Reflection and integration: exploring how and when participants can use what they have learned in their own contexts

all prices are exclusive GST (BTW)

One day workshop: €1900 / $3200 (AUD)

This price includes:

  • workshop for up to 16 participants (€100/$170pp for extra participants, a longer day may also be required to give the same quality of attention per person)
  • a handout
  • 25% discount on an embodied enquiry session within 6 months

This price does not include:

  • venue hire (can also be done on location at your workplace – space preferred is 5sqm pp, minimum 3.5sqm pp.)
  • catering
  • travel costs for the facilitator

If you are a smaller organisation or a not-for-profit and this price is beyond your reach, please contact Sophia to discuss possibilities in your case.

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