personal shiatsu sessions

Get one-on-one support in the form of an online shiatsu treatment. Take the time to connect with your body with the guidance of a therapist.


what does an online session look like?

An online session can consist various combinations of these three parts:

  1. A guided bodyscan of shiatsu diagnostic areas on the body: to help Sophia determine what is going on for you from a shiatsu perspective
  2. Guided self shiatsu: Sophia teaches you how to work relevant points and meridians for yourself
  3. Distance healing: Sophia will give you a ‘virtual’ treatment where she works energetically from her home

As with her face to face treatments, you can also get some personalised ki yoga poses and some diet advice for your specific situation.


for the treatment you will need:

  • An A4 sheet of paper and a pen
  • A place to lie down quietly
  • One and a half hours when you can be undisturbed
  • Loose comfortable clothing


Sophia recognises that these times are financially challenging for many people. For these treatments you can offer whatever fits your current budget (including receiving a treatment for free).

If you choose all three of the treatment options mentioned above the treatment will take about one and a half hours, the guided bodyscan and one of the other of the other options will take about an hour.

Sophia’s prices for online treatments are:
one hour €50 / $80 (AUD)
one and a half hours €65 / $100 (AUD)

how to book a session

Click the contact link above and send Sophia an email requesting a treatment.

what others have said

I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment. Sophia is a great guide, so she makes it easy to relax, even from a distance.
Carolien Hoogland

The treatment with Sophia was a great balance of enquiry and self diagnosis, guidance of self massage and then dropping into deep relaxation and distant healing work. I felt a soft welcoming back to my body and deeper connection with it. I would definitely book in for another session and love that I am learning through this as well. Thank you Sophia I felt safe and held by you.
Nicola Hartley, shiatsu therapist

Sophia explained to me shiatsu is a lot about ‘bringing awareness’, to help the body self heal. Awareness is something that can definitely be given (or directed) via a virtual medium.
Carolien Hoogland

Want to say a big thankyou to Sophia for the ultimate lockdown self-care treatment on Skype. Irritable was how I was feeling generally and my skin had flared up (excema arms legs and rocacea). She led me through a meditation to identify what to work on, then ran me through some exercises to treat the issues and then did a distance treatment. I felt instantly better and the next day my skin dramatically improved, I feel calmer and my crazy kid days have been more chill! Thanks Sophia
Nicky Hugill