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What does a treatment involve?

A full shiatsu is performed on a futon on the floor and is done through clothing. The practitioner will diagnose which meridians are out of balance using a combination of methods including touch, questioning and observation. A treatment will cover the full length of the body focusing on the meridians diagnosed as needing attention and may include some advice on beneficial Ki Yoga postures and simple dietary suggestions to help maintain the new balance gained. Although Shiatsu literally means ‘finger pressure’, the practitioner uses fingers, palms, elbows, knees, even feet to connect with the meridians. For a full treatment including advice, an hour and a half is necessary.

It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing for a treatment and not to eat a meal immediately before. Skirts or tight / inflexible clothing can restrict some of the movements possible in the treatment.


Stoelmassage is the Dutch word for a seated massage, it is commonly done in office settings. This massage is done through clothing and focusses on the neck, shoulders, back and arms. A stoelmassage can relieve the everyday tensions that come with deskwork and is perfect as a regular part of your working day. Prices depend on the number of people and duration, but €17-25 for a 20 minute massage is common (ex BTW).

Personal shiatsu treatments

Please Note: Sophia is not taking on any new clients anymore as she is winding down her personal practice. For existing clients, the following information may be useful.

One hour shiatsu treatment €50.00
One and a half hour shiatsu treatment €75.00

As Sophia is not practicing very often anymore she is not registered with any of the professional associations in the Netherlands. Therefore you will not be able to claim her treatment price from your health insurance. If your income is low and you feel you cannot afford her treatments she may be able to offer you a reduced fee, feel welcome to phone her to discuss the options.

Client testimonials:

“I highly recommend Sophia, I had difficulty with my left shoulder for at least 3 years, usually I would experience pain during training for long distance running, however in the past year it became a persistent daily pain which limited my movements, some days worse than others. A few months prior to seeing Sophia I had opted for an hour long remedial massage with a therapist, however this exacerbated the problem even further, to the extent I was unable to run for even 5 minutes, or sleep on my left side. Sophia worked on my shoulder for only 20 minutes, not only did the pain on a daily level completely subside, but also I am able to run long distance again without any problems whatsoever! I am truly amazed.'”

Sarah Coffin, Space Host, Hub Rotterdam

“Sophia is a well respected collegue of mine. I know her through freelance assignments as a masseur. I’m very particular in whom I choose as a massage therapist. And with Sophia you are in good hands.
I went to her several times for a Zen Shiatsu treatment and noticed changes right away. The combination of how professional (experienced), sensible (to make a good diagnosis) she is, really works for me.
Besides the treatment she gives some food advice and exercises. Which support the treatment and refinding an inner balance.”

Lotte Kaptijn, Uit Handen, Praktijk voor massage en bewustwording