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About these workshops

Sophia has taught both massage and  shiatsu to a professional level at the NSW School of Therapeutic Massage in Sydney Australia. She has now compiled a four-hour introductory course for non-professionals with simple techniques that can be learned in a single workshop. You will learn a sitting shiatsu massage routine that you can use anywhere to give a relaxing massage to friends, family, colleagues.

You will both give and receive a massage during the training, and learn how to start sensing the quality of ki (meridian energy) under your hands whilst working. The training further includes an introduction to shiatsu theory and the location of some specific pressure points that can assist in prevention of RSI, headaches and neck and shoulder tension. This style of massage is done through your clothes so it is recommended to wear simple clothing made of natural fibers.

When, where and how much?

These workshops are given at various locations throughout the Netherlands and the cost is generally €45 per person. Please click here if you would like to be put on a mailing list to be informed of up and coming shiatsu workshops.


“Ik kan deze workshop warm aanbevelen! Goede uitleg, persoonlijke aandacht van een overduidelijk ervaren docent!”

…. and in English: “I can highly recommend this workshop! Good explanation, and personal attention from an obviously experienced teacher!”

Marco Tieleman, Sustrainability


Note: at the moment these workshops are offered only in English, maar Sophia is Nederlands an het leren.