Shiatsu Massage at the HUB

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Wednesday 20 January 2010

Shiatsu Massage Workshop
The HUB Rotterdam
Heemraadsingel 219, 3023 CD Rotterdam
Wednesday 20 January

19.00 – 22.00, €20 hub members €35 non hub members

Learn to give a simple but effective massage for friends, family or colleagues…

Welcome to a workshop where you will both give and receive a massage, and learn a basic ‘toolkit’ of massage techniques that you can use virtually anywhere. The techniques taught are based on shiatsu therapy and are done through clothing (so you will not need to get undressed). We will be focusing on learning to feel what is happening under our hands and then how to work with that to relieve tension and stress.

You will also learn when massage is appropriate and when it is not, and a few pressure points on the body that can be used to help prevent RSI, neck and shoulder tension and headaches. This versatile massage can be done anywhere at anytime, all that is needed is a friend and quiet place!

Your teacher is Sophia van Ruth, a shiatsu and massage therapist from Australia. Sophia has 10 years experience as a therapist and 3½ years experience teaching both massage and shiatsu at a professional training college in Sydney, Australia.

Transition Towns Talk in The Hague

Transition Towns Information Evening

Gezonde Gronden
Weimarstraat 23
2562 GN Den Haag

Date: Tuesday 13 October
Arrivals: 8.00pm
Entry: € 5

This evening will commence with a screening of Rob Hopkins (founder of the Transition Towns movement) speaking at the Positive Energy Conference. Following this Sophia van Ruth will speak about here experiences and involvement with the Transition Town Totnes project during 2007/08.

Sophia spent 12 months living in Totnes and had direct involvement with the transition initiative, volunteering within some of the community groups of the project. She will be sharing her reflections and experiences.

See also the event listing on the Gezonde Gronden website.

InterPlay at the DropZone

InterPlay was the main attraction at the Hub DropZone in Rotterdam on 14 April. The theme of the session was “Exploring Leadership for Change”. We played with our notions of leadership using dance, story, character voices and whatever else occurred to us.

The room was ***PACKED***, there were certainly more people there than anticipated, which was fabulous, but tricky given the size of the space !!

Generally there was much laughter and enjoyment, and there was also certainly the occasional flash of insight!!

So to all who participated – a big thanks for coming and hope you were enriched by the experience, I know that I was.